CSO P 2033 Auto Projector

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CSO CP 2033 Auto Projector

An automatic chart projector with halogen bulb which, thank to its high resolution lens and quality opt types, realized on optic glass, provides completely clear images with even the smallest opt types. The opt types are sealed in a hermetic chamber thus guaranteeing elevated test cleaning, which is preserved for long time.

The projector is controlled by an infrared remote control, according to two methods: the selection of individual tests by pressing the corresponding button or the programming of a sequence of tests.

Two independent programs can be memorized and programming is possible for all tests. The use of step by step motors, controlled by a microprocessor makes it possible to pass immediately from any one test to another.

The high quality of the motors ensures speed and precision in the presentation of the tests without any kind of trembling. Available with Wall mount or Desk top Mount.



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